Bayesian Logistic Regression (BBR, BMR, BXR)

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Project Leads: David Madigan (Columbia University and Rutgers University), David D. Lewis (David D. Lewis Consulting)

Active Developers: Alex Genkin (original architect and developer), Shenzhi Li

Past Developers: Bing Bai, Dmitriy Fradkin, Michael Hollander, Vladimir Menkov

Contact Address: Anti-spam image of email contact address.  The address is bee ex are contacts at gmail dot com.


This is the permanent home page for the open source Bayesian logistic regression packages BBR, BMR, and BXR. There are currently six programs in the B*R family. All six programs were released by David Madigan of Rutgers University in 2007 under the MIT X License, an open source license which allows the programs to be modified by anyone and used for essentially any purpose. (See the text of the license in the source code files for details.)

Active development is now focused on BXRtrain and BXRclassify, though bug fixes to the BBR and BMR versions will be made when possible. Most users will wish to use BXRtrain and BXRclassify, but just in case we summarize the differences among the family members here.



Acknowledgments: Research and development on BBR, BMR, and BXR was supported by the KD-D group, via National Science Foundation grant EIA-0087022 ("Monitoring Message Streams") to DIMACS at Rutgers University. Additional support came from the National Science Foundation through grants DMS-0113236 (ITR program) and DMS-0505599 to Rutgers University, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality through grant 5R01HS011609-04 to the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory - Human Research Engineering Directorate (ARL-HRED) under Cooperative Agreement Number W911NF-07-2-0079 with Columbia College in Chicago, IL.

We gratefully acknowledge suggestions and encouragment from Andrei Anghelescu, Steve Benson, Aynur Dayanik, Susana Eyheramendy, Dmitriy Fradkin, Navendu Garg, Paul Kantor, Sathiya Keerthi, Paul Komarek, Justin Langseth,Vladimir Menkov, Fred Roberts, Cun-Hui Zhang, and all the users of BBR, BMR, and BXR who have written us.